Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jeb Blows His Roll Out

1000 CST Will Never be the Same

First Colbert, now Jon Stewart!  My 10-11 slot will soon be free (at least until Colbert replaces Letterman).

A few years ago I taught an ENGL 1010 based on the two shows. Here's the blog.

"The Trash and the Snake"

The last season of Justified is proving to be enthralling. Alasdair Wilkins is right that last night's episode was its thesis statement.

Where to Take You Hon for Valentine's Day

Negamco and Me

When I was a boy in the early 1960s, you would have found me on the sofa at 112 E. 6th Street in Oil City, PA watching TV and playing Negamco, a board game in which the player used a spinner and player cards based on sports statistics to determine events. The number that came up would result in, say, a double or a ground-out to the shortstop (in the baseball version) or a missed free throw or a rebound (in the basketball version).

A decade later, I would read Robert Coover's The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh Prop (1968) and knew that the novelist must have played some Negamco too. In UBA, the eponymous, Old Testament "hero" (J. Henry Waugh = Yahweh) plays a Negamco-like game in which a roll of the dice may produce not just baseball outcomes but real world results: "Manager's daughter raped by right fielder"; pitcher killed by line drive up the middle. The latter, a development that kills a young star who has brought the National Pastime back from a dark time, brings Waugh to retaliate by cheating, manipulating the game to seek destiny-defying revenge against the lethal batter. Manipulating a Negamco game was something I understood.

I had both the baseball and basketball versions of the games and inserted into both a card for David Lavery that showed statistics that would guarantee I would lead MLB in home runs and the NBA in scoring. I was the star, the Mary Sue, of my own Negamcoing.

But my earthly superstardom did not entirely satisfy. I imagined--and made it happen in the Negamcoverse--a scenario in which Martians invaded the Earth and challenged humanity to a basketball game on which the fate of the planet hinged (an idea the writers of Space Jam obviously stole). Guess who lead the Earth to victory with (as I recall) 80 points and 20 rebounds. That would be pre-teen me.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Copeland on "Q"

I found this interview on Q very interesting.

40+ Years in the Classroom

I have taught at the college level since 1971 (full-time since 1980) and in that time have offered over 60 different courses. Still not done.

& Advanced Writing
& American, British, and World Literature surveys
& American Quality Television
& Buffy the Vampire Slayer
& Chinese Literature
& Contemporary British Film (a course offered in London Summer 1992)
& Contemporary Cinema (graduate course)
& Cult Television
& The Creative Process (Honors Seminar)
& Deadwood and The Sopranos (graduate seminar)
& Doctor Who (study abroad course, London, 2011-2012, 2013-2014)
& The Edge of History (honors seminar)
& The Evolutionary Imagination (honors seminar)
& Film and Television Genres (graduate course)
& Film History
& Film History Online
& Film Studies (Graduate Course)
& Film Theory and Criticism (honors section)
& Freshman Composition
& The Gangster Film
& The Grotesque (graduate course)
& Intellectual Backgrounds of Modern Literature
& Intercultural Communication (graduate course)
& Introduction to English Studies
& Introduction to Film
& Introduction to Literature
& Ireland and Scotland at the Movies (taught on location in the British Isles, Summer 1996)
& James Tiptree, Jr. & Science Fiction (graduate course)
& Joss Whedon (graduate versions)
& Literary Criticism
& Literature and Film
& Literature and Psychology
& Lost
& Major British Writers: C. S. Lewis and Owen Barfield (graduate seminar)
& Major Themes in American Literature Online
& Mass Communication and Society (graduate course)
& Media and Reality (honors seminar)
& Media Theory and Criticism (graduate course)
& Modern Critical Theory (graduate course)
& Modern Poetry
& Native American Literature
& Non-Western Literature
& Oral Communication
& Popular Culture Studies (graduate course)
& Popular Literature of the 20th Century: Science Fiction (graduate course)
& Popular Literature of the 20th Century: The Movies (graduate course)
& Public Speaking
& Satire (graduate course)
& Science Fiction
& Science Fiction Online
& Science Fiction Film (graduate course)
& The Sopranos (graduate course)
& The Space Age (honors seminar)
& Special Topics in Film Studies: The Coen Brothers
& Special Topics in Film Studies: Stanley Kubrick
& Special Topics in Film Studies: Joss Whedon
& Special Topics in Film Studies: Superhero Movies
& Studies in Contemporary Literature: Mad Men and the Sixties (Graduate Course)
& Studies in Narratology (graduate course)
& Survey of Popular Culture
& Television and Culture
& Television Genres
& Wallace Stevens (graduate seminar)
& Wallace Stevens and Merleau-Ponty (team-taught undergraduate seminar)