Monday, May 23, 2016

Mister Trump's Neighborhood

So last week not one but two houses in the neighborhood sprouted Trump yard signs.

Out for a walk with Addy Belle and her American Girl doll in a stroller, I took note that one of the houses also had an "He is risen" sign as well. I assume the "he" is not the Donald.

Approaching the other house, on a corner lot a block away, I looked on appalled as the driver of an SUV tore through a stop sign and roared past us, completely indifferent to a six year old and a baby stroller, and slam into the driveway of the other Trump house.

I am so, so dreading the next six months and, posssibly, all the years to come.

"Hold the door!"


Friday, May 20, 2016

An Accent Tour of the UK

R.I.P., Morley Safer

A powerful argument for not retiring. He retired last week and then died.

Castiel Goes to a Trump Rally

Bette Nails Mitch

Bedtime Stories


"Run, Ralph, Run"

Stephen Colbert's new, very Seussian children's book, "Run, Ralph, Run" (from Wednesday night's Late Show):

This is a tale you're too young to remember.
It began in 2000, the month of November.
Young voters don't know about 'Bush versus Gore.'
But trust me, this has all happened before.
His name was Ralph Nader, he spoke for the trees.
He put seatbelts in cars to prevent shattered knees.
He led the Green Party. His speeches were soaring.
And he took votes from Gore.
My god, Gore was boring.
He took votes from Florida!
He took votes from Ohio!
He took votes from Sneedle, and Wumbus, and Xylo!
I know those aren't actual states.
But there were a lot of voting machine irregularities that year.
Okay. He even bagged the odd Florida resident,
and that's how George W. Bush became president.
Thanks to Ralph Nader, who gave it his all,
we got Cheney, whose heart was three sizes too small.
So once in that booth, vote your conscience and heart.
Go with the person you've backed from the start.
But think it through carefully, don't press your luck.
Because, trust me, 2000 was a real cluster -- unfortunate event."