Thursday, July 28, 2016

Only One TIcket?

Late Night Shreds Trump

Obama's Last Great Speech

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The line that brought me out of my seat:

America has changed over the years. But these values my grandparents taught me – they haven’t gone anywhere. They’re as strong as ever; still cherished by people of every party, every race, and every faith. They live on in each of us. What makes us American, what makes us patriots, is what’s in here. That’s what matters. That’s why we can take the food and music and holidays and styles of other countries, and blend it into something uniquely our own. That’s why we can attract strivers and entrepreneurs from around the globe to build new factories and create new industries here. That’s why our military can look the way it does, every shade of humanity, forged into common service. That’s why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Buckley on Trump

Look for the narcissist. The most obvious target in today’s lineup is, of course, Donald Trump. When he looks at a glass, he is mesmerized by its reflection. If Donald Trump were shaped a little differently, he would compete for Miss America. But whatever the depths of self-enchantment, the demagogue has to say something. So what does Trump say? That he is a successful businessman and that that is what America needs in the Oval Office. There is some plausibility in this, though not much. The greatest deeds of American Presidents — midwifing the new republic; freeing the slaves; harnessing the energies and vision needed to win the Cold War — had little to do with a bottom line.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At the DNC

Lena Dunham: According to Donald Trump, I am probably a two.
America Ferrera: And according to Donald Trump, I am probably a rapist.


Jason Collins, first openly gay NBA player, at the DNC: "How do you tell your kids not to be a bully if your President is one?"

Roger Ailes's Greatest Fantasy

Samantha Bee congratulated Roger Ailes this week on Full Frontal.

For what? For "fulfilling his greatest fantasy: getting fucked by two women at the same time."